Hello, ​Amsterdam.

Lovely canals criss-crosses the city, lined with seventeenth-century buildings. Getting around on a bicycle is a way of life here, and bike rental shops are everywhere. 

The city's museum quarter is a must-visit for art lovers, where the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are located a couple of blocks from each other.

When you need to get away from the bustling city, drop into any of the traditional brown café, where beer is on tap and cappuccinos are available.

Women digital nomads will feel comfortable walking around Amsterdam, one of the safest cities in the world. However, you will still need to take normal precautions against pickpockets and theft and avoid parks at night.

Bijlmerdreef located in the Southeast is a lower-class residential district home to people of over 150 nationalities, and the area is often associated with crime and robberies (we’re talking about Dutch standards here). Its safety record has improved remarkably the last years, but you should still be cautious and stay within well-populated areas.

Amsterdam is a digital nomad-friendly city, where almost every pub and cafe has free wifi. Accomodation can be pricy and AirBnB requires early booking (places can booked up pretty quickly!). ​

Try getting to know a few locals prior to arriving and during the initial days. People are generally very friendly and may know of a cheaper place available that you can rent.

The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November – right before or directly after the summertime high tourist season.

December to March is winter, and short, dark and nearly freezing days make winter in Amsterdam pretty unpleasant.

  • ​​Fast Internet
  • ​Everyone Speaks English
  • ​LGBTQ Friendly
  • ​Safe For Solo Women Travelers
  • ​High Cost Of Living
  • ​Difficult To Make Friends
  • ​Renting An Apartment Is Difficult
  • ​Lots Of Tourists

Recommended Co-Working Spaces In ​Amsterdam




Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes


​​Staalstraat 21


Bilderdijkstraat 46


Kerkstraat 96HS


​​Weteringstraat 48

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