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​Women Safety In A​NZ

Australia and New Zealand are one of the easiest places to travel alone as a woman.

The sheer number of people that travel here means that even outside of Sydney and Melbourne, you’re sure to bump into some other travelers.

You'll still need to be on your guard and use your common sense, like you would at home!

Like anywhere in the world, the cities in Australia and New Zealand have dodgy areas, and you should be careful not to wander around the dodgy area, especially at night. 

Let someone else know about it before going off into the bush, desert or wilderness.

Read up on it if you are planning on an adventure into the wilderness. Stick to marked trails and National Parks.

ANZ in a nutshell

Rent a car and hit the road on endless round-Australia road trips. Hit the cafes and the arts in Melbourne. Surf at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Experience the Māori culture in New Zealand. Go tramping in New Zealand.

Getting around ANZ

Traveling across Australia and New Zealand requires some planning. As the sixth-largest country in the world, Australia covers a whole lot of ground. Although traveling by bus isn't the quickest way to see the country, Greyhound offers a great bus network across Australia, with different hop on and off passes.

Train is a great way to enjoy the scenery, but the journey is slow, expensive and infrequent. Besides the GHAN Train from Adelaide to Darwin through Alice Springs, you can also cross the country from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific train.

To get across cities faster, Jetstar, Tiger Air and Scoot are popular low-cost airlines.

If you want a bit more flexibility in your routing and really enjoy a road trip experience, consider renting a car or camper-van. This is a better option for for shorter trips and groups, as it can work out costly if it’s just a couple of people or over a long time period though.

If you are planning on staying in Australia for a longer period of time, buying a car or camper-van is another common option that long-term travelers do, which they can then resell to another traveler when they plan on leaving the country. Check out Gumtree or any hostel's bulletin boards for notices.

In New Zealand, just like in Australia, the best way to explore is to have your own vehicle. It's easy to hire cars and camper-vans, or you might consider buying your own vehicle. Whether you rent or buy, beware that gas prices in New Zealand are quite expensive.

Traveling by train isn’t a common way to get around New Zealand as you can’t get to smaller, out of the way destinations. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys operates four routes, and reservations can be made through KiwiRail Scenic Journeys directly, through travel agents or at most train stations.

InterCity Buses and Naked Bus are two of New Zealand's nationwide low cost long distance bus services. The earlier you book, the cheaper your fares will be.

Digital Nomad Scene

Just like North America, Australia and New Zealand aren't typically seen as good places to be a digital nomad, which is mainly due to the high cost of living. However, it isn't hard to find coworking spaces in the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington.

Women Necessities

Australia: Tampons without applicators are available everywhere (supermarkets, convenience stores, etc). Birth control pills can only be bought with prescription and cost from about $35 to $283 for a year's supply. The morning-after pill is available in Australian pharmacies/chemists/hospitals without prescription.

New Zealand: Tampons with and without applicators, available at supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. Birth control pills can only be bought with prescription. The morning-after pill is available in New Zealand pharmacies/chemists/hospitals without prescription.

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