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​Women Safety In ​North America

​North America consists of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

As a woman traveling in North America, you will experience different degrees of safety depending on where you go.

Generally, women digital nomads can travel throughout most parts of the US and Canada with no issues.

Mexico, on the other hand, is generally ok for women digital nomads, especially if you stick to the ​touristic cities​.

Getting around North America

Distances in the USA are so great that it’s essential to plan in advance how you’ll get from place to place. Traveling between cities is almost always easier if you have a car. The American road trip is a tradition of sorts and it gives you the flexibility to visit all the small towns and off the beaten path places.

Unlike Europe or South East Asia, the budget airlines in North America are not as cheap or good. For relatively cheap flights, use JetBlue, Southwest and Delta (more pricy). American Airlines and Spirit can be cheap too but both have poor reputations.

You can take the Amtrak if you wish to travel cross-country by train, however this is not a cheap option as compared to the bus. The Amtrak route doesn't cover the whole country either - East Coast states from Virginia northward are well covered with rail routes but some Western states are left out altogether.

There is an extensive train and bus network along the coasts. Check out MegaBus, BoltBus and Greyhound for fares as low as $1.

To avoid possible hassle, travelers should take care to sit as near to the driver as possible, and to arrive during daylight hours – many bus stations are in dodgy areas.

​To travel within and to/from Mexico, you can ​fly with airlines like VivoAerobus, Interjet, Volaris, or AeroMexico. There are also many cheap bus companies such as ADO, Pulman, Primera Plus and more.

It is not considered safe to drive or take a bus at night in many parts of Mexico.​ When possible, choose to travel during the day.

Digital Nomad Scene

​The US and Canada aren't typically seen as a good place to be a digital nomad, which is mainly due to the high cost of living. 

The visa situation is also another consideration, as most countries will get 90 days but typically you will have to leave the North American area (USA, Canada and Mexico) for another 90 days.

Mexico has a huge digital nomad community in hotspots like Playa del Carmen and Mexico City. Low cost of living and 180 days tourist visa are two of the main reasons why many digital nomads have decided ​to base themselves in Mexico.

It is not difficult finding a coworking space, especially in the big cities, and cafes usually have fast wifi if coworking spaces are not your thing.

Women Necessities

United States of America: Tampons with and without applicators, are widely available. You do not need a doctor's prescription to purchase birth control pills in Oregon and California. In other states, you will still need a prescription. Morning-after pills are available at health centers and drugstores.

Canada: Tampons with and without applicators, are widely available. You will need a doctor's prescription for birth control pills. Morning-after pills are sold over the counter.

Mexico: Tampons with and without applicators are available at most major supermarkets. Birth control pills and morning-after pills can be bought over the counter without prescription.

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