Hello, ​Antigua.

The most touristic spot in Guatemala, Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is popular with both short term and long term visitors.

The city is surrounded by three gorgeous volcanoes (one still very active), and is considered the last true colonial city remaining in Latin America, with its cobbled-stoned streets, churches and colorful houses.

You will find everything from typical Guatemalan restaurants to internationally renowned chefs at international restaurants to the cheap and good street food vendors.

Antigua is popular with digital nomads, due to the cost of living (considerably higher than the rest of Guatemala), year round mild weather, the beautiful surroundings and an international atmosphere. Antigua has a never ending scene of cafes, bars and restaurants, many of them offering free wifi.

The most common type of petty crime in Antigua is opportunistic pick-pocketing in markets and in Central Park.

Women digital nomads should also avoid walking around at night and should take a cab instead. When looking for a neighborhood to rent, be aware that La Colonia Manchen is a neighborhood with one of the highest incidences of break-ins (due to its proximity to one of San Felipe's poorest neighborhoods).

Be careful jogging around Antigua. The Cerro de la Cruz makes a great jogging route, however there have been several incidences of runners getting mugged or attacked.

​The best time to visit Antigua is in May (great weather), September and October (starts to get rainy) - these are the low season months.

If you are planning on visiting Antigua for Semana Santa festival, then the Easter week is the best time. High season and also the best weather is mainly November through April and June to August.

  • ​Low Cost Of Living
  • ​​Huge Digital Nomad Community
  • Good Air Quality
  • ​​Pretty Safe For Solo Women Travelers
  • ​Variety Of Food Options
  • ​Slow To Average Internet Speed​
  • ​Not Many Things To Do In The City

Recommended Co-Working Spaces In ​Antigua



Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes


​​6 Calle Poniente, Casa 26


5ta Av. Sur, #13


​​7 Avenida Sur No. 8


​​5 Calle Poniente #12B

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