Deskpass is a multi-city coworking membership that provides affordable, flexible access to over 400 wonderful, diverse workspaces and meeting spaces.

With just 1 Deskpass membership you'll have great places to get your work done and a network of meeting spaces throughout Chicago, LA, NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Dallas, DC, Denver, Houston, Miami, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle (more cities to come).

Plus, there's no commitments so you can cancel at anytime if needed. 

WDN Insider Benefit: ​Receive 1 free month of Mini Membership ($49 value) and an added 50% off ​your 2nd month. This 2nd month discount can be used towards ​the Mini, Part-Time, or Full-Time monthly memberships.

How To Redeem: Follow the instructions ​in your membership dashboard.

Location: ​Check their website for locations


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