Hello, ​Lima.

Lima is chaotic, edgy, historical and a gastromical haven. It's location next to the Pacific makes fish and seafood restaurants a must-visit in Lima.

The city is built upon a valley surrounded by an extremely arid desert, and is the second-driest capital, after Cairo. Most of the 8.5 million people in Lima migrated from the Andes mountains in search of work, and there is widespread poverty in the city and neighboring areas.

Women digital nomads should be street smart when walking around in Lima. Like any large Latin American city, Lima has its fair share of crime.

Be wary at crowded events and the areas around bus stops and terminals. These bring out pickpockets – even in upscale districts like Miraflores. Avoid walking around at night, it's preferable to take official taxis.​

Lima is a popular destination for digital nomads in South America. Ultra-fast internet can be hard to find but Skype calls are still passable.

Neighborhoods like the upscale Miraflores and hipster Barranco are popular and safer neighborhoods to live in. In terms of infrastructure, Miraflores has the best in the whole country. Do note that the cost of living in Miraflores ​is considerably more expensive.

Summer (Dec-Apr) is hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 77°F to 95°F (25°C-35°C) or more along the north coast. In winter (May-Oct), temperatures are much milder, though with high humidity. The city is shrouded in a gray mist called garúa.

  • ​​Average To Good Internet
  • ​​Huge Digital Nomad Community
  • ​Amazing Cuisine
  • ​Relatively Safe For Solo Women Travelers
  • Not Many Things To Do
  • Not LGBTQ Friendly
  • ​Not Many People Speak English

Recommended Co-Working Spaces In ​Lima





Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes

KULCAFÉ at ​​Miraflores

​​Calle Bellavista 370

SOFÁ CAFÉ at ​​Miraflores

Av Jose Larco 518


​​Calle Gral Recavarren 269

LA BODEGA VERDE at ​​Barranco

​​Jiron Mariscal Jose Antonio de Sucre 335A

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