Hello, ​Panama City.

Unofficially called the "Dubai of Latin America", Panama City is a multicultural place with friendly locals, urban skyscrappers, colonial-era landmarks and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafes and bars.

Gentrification, restoration and UNESCO World Heritage Status have turned the historical Casco Viejo neighborhood into one of Panama City’s hippest places to be.

Panama City is the most international capital in Central America. The city is popular with American retirees and expats, which has resulted in a rising cost of living such as high rentals and expensive food especially in popular areas.

Panamanian food reflects the multiculturalism, and is a mixture of African, Spanish, and Native American, with corn being the main ingredient in most dishes.

There is a likely possibility that women digital nomads will encounter some harassment from men due to the culturally macho mindset – horn honking, kissing noises, and whistling.

When you are on the road, dress conservatively - Panamanian women tend to wear pants or long skirts, and you should too.

As with every big city, mugging and theft are common in Panama City. Avoid the known high crime areas such as the city of Colon, El Chorillo, Santa Ana, Curundu and San Miguel.

The city is increasingly becoming a hot spot for digital nomads, ​which has resulted in an increase in the number of new co-working spaces ​in recent years.

There are only two seasons in Panama City, the dry season from December to mid March, and the wet, or "green", season from mid March to mid December.

Try to avoid the month of November, when there are many national holidays. You'll find that many shops are closed, hotels are fully booked by locals, plus it rains all the time.

  • ​Good Internet
  • ​Warm Weather Year Round
  • ​Good Infrastructure
  • ​Safe For Solo Women Travelers
  • ​Lots Of Traffic
  • ​Relatively High Cost Of Living
  • ​No Digital Nomad Community
  • ​Not Many Things To Do In The City

Recommended Co-Working Spaces In ​Panama City




Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes


​​Multiple Locations

​NOMADA EATERY at Casco Viejo

​San Felipe Calle 9na 3-28

SUPER GOURMET at ​​Casco Viejo

​​Avenida A y Calle 6


​​Calle 1era

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