Hello, ​Santiago.

Santiago is the political and cultural center of Chile, with its expansive museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural opportunities. ​

The cosmopolitan and vibrant city is also close to both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, making it possible to enjoy both skiing in the nearby Andes and hanging out at the beach, all in the same day.

The city is a very walkable​, which makes for easily getting around. Santiago’s metro is the biggest rapid transit system in South America, and you can also get around the city by public buses or taxis.

While ​Chile is one of the safest countries in Latin America, women digital nomads should still be aware of pick-pocketing and other petty crimes.

Avoid walking around alone at night, and there are some comunas that should be avoided, especially La Legua in the V Region (famed in Chile for its high crime rates), ​Lo Espejo, La Pintana, Puente Alto, La Cisterna, San Joaquin, El Bosque, San Ramon and La Granja.

Amenities in Santiago are en par with cities in Europe or North America​. The cost of living is also considered high for South America, and rent is often the highest expenditure.

When looking for places to rent, you can find many co-working spaces in Providencia​, Las Condes is ​downtown​ and super expensive, and Barrio Bellavista is ​known for restaurants and bars​.

Chileans speak a slang version of Spanish, and have a reputation of being hard to understand even for other South Americans.

Since the introduction of the government-run ‘Start-Up Chile’, a program that was started to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile, the city has been welcoming a growing number of entrepreneurs and digital nomads, making it easy to find like-minded local expats to hang with.

Santiago has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and very warm and dry summers.

December to February are the hottest months of the year, during which half of Santiago’s population can be found outside, enjoying the city’s many parks and outdoor spaces.

May to September (the winter season) experiences showers, cooler temps and increased smog levels.

  • ​​Fast Internet
  • ​Big Startup Scene
  • ​LGBTQ Friendly
  • ​Safe For Solo Women Travelers
  • ​Great Public Transportation
  • ​Not Many Things To Do
  • ​Relatively Expensive For South America
  • ​No Digital Nomad Community

Recommended Co-Working Spaces In ​Santiago




Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes


​​General Bustamante, Altura #50, Metro Baquedano

​CAFE 339 at ​​Barrio Lastarria

​Padre Luis de Valdivia 339

​CAFETIN at ​​Las Condes

Don Carlos 3185


Multiple Locations

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